Our 10th Anniversary StompLight® Pro Stage Lighting Pedal


StompLight Singer-Songwriter Setup

Versatility & Innovation

Simplicity & Durability

Customer Reviews

"StompLight is a small pedal that adds big ambience. As soon as I plug it in I feel like the show has begun. I can't imagine being without it now. Built like a tank, which is vital since I'm moving gear 3-4 times a week."

- Bob Wade    

"StompLight is wonderful addition to my solo performance arsenal! I am all about traveling light and as minimalistic as possible. This small piece of creative engineering is so easy to use and makes a HUGE difference in my show! Set it, forget it and start jamming! Color this Veteran impressed! Salud!"

- Stefan Filer

"The Stomplight Duo package works really well.  It's so easy to set up it's ridiculous. Depending on the gig I use it with ac power or with the battery pacs without a hitch.  I like the color wheel mode for my two-man show and it works great. Lighting has come a long way and you have a great idea going here.  Keep up the good work and thanks for getting me the lights in such a timely fashion" 

- Richard Hanzel

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