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Simplicity & Durability

Versatility & Innovation

  • World's First Lighting Effect Pedal
  • Look professional anywhere you record, rehearse, stream and perform
  • Delivers customizable color and sound responsive lighting at the tap of a foot
  • Quickly connect StompLights with common XLR mic cables
  • DMX compatible



Our Mission

At StompLight® our mission is to build portable stage lighting products that make working musician’s lives easier and more rewarding.

Our founder Michael Ahern is an Emmy nominated singer-songwriter, band leader, producer and festival booker located in Northern California. Michael has learned first hand that many of the places musicians are hired to perform do not have adequate stage lighting. This reality led Michael on a quest to find a simple, portable and durable stage lighting system. After several failed attempts with products sold at Guitar Center and online Michael had an inspiration that led to the invention of StompLight®.

"I have designed, co-engineered and manufactured StompLight® with a focus on quality materials, durable design and simplicity of operation. There is simply no other portable stage lighting product on the market today that offers musicians the ability to instantly feel confident, look amazing and emotionally connect with their audience through a combination of music, color and sound responsive lighting effects."

- Michael Ahern, Inventor and President of StompLight

This innovative product is the solution to stage lighting needs and simplifying musicians lives. Our business, like our products are built with integrity. We encourage you to reach out and contact us if you would like to discuss how StompLight might work for you.  650-815-7997 10-4pm PST

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