Duo Stage Lighting Bundle

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The StompLight®Duo is Ideal for: 

  • Solo and Duo Performers
  • Busking - "off the grid"
  • Drummers & Percussionists
  • Streaming Video 
  • Dance Studios
  • Video Production 
  • Rehearsal Spaces
  • School Music Programs
  • Mobile DJs
  • Merchandise Tables / Trade Show Display

    Building on the Soloist Bundle the StompLight® Duo Bundle and StompLight®Deluxe Duo Bundles offer an artist a "next level" lighting experience utilizing two stage lights. The Duo Bundle includes a mic stand adapter allowing a performer to "fly" the StompLight® PAL for elevated lighting effects on a mic stand with ease. Having two units allows lighting contrast providing heightened dynamic stage lighting options including sound active and color changing lighting effects. The StompLight® Duo Bundles provide two independent or two identical lighting options. This is especially important for a seated or standing performer allowing for a variety of lighting angles and placements including front and side angled lighting options. This combination provides professional stage lighting with contrast in effect, color and luminosity. All performing musicians will benefit from having what these and our larger StompLight® Bundles also offer. 


    Included in the Duo Bundle:

    (1) StompLight® Pro DMX stage light pedal with AC adapters

    (1) StompLight® Pal DMX stage light with AC adapters 

    (2) StompLight® Li Ion Power Banks with AC chargers and connector cables

    (1) StompLight® Microphone Stand Adapter 

    Hook & Loop Tape

     Carry Bag

    Customer Phone Support


    What Makes the StompLight® Pro Amazing

    • Custom steel and aluminum "clam shell" case. Built for years of use on the road.
    • "Best In Class" Cree 50,000 hour XL LEDs with optical control and RGBW color mixing capable of producing 350 lumens of stage lighting and washing a space 10'x10'
    • "Soft On the Eyes" custom engineered Phototronic Diffuser 
    • StompLight® is simple to operate - (3) foot-switches and (2) knobs control all your lighting, effects and custom programming.
    • Sound Responsive with internal microphone and 7-band spectrum analyzer - You can plug a guitar, bass, keyboard, mic or mixer into StompLight and create a dynamic sound responsive light show.
    • StompLight offers "super simple" programing. Our User Configuration options allow you to easily add and remove any of the factory programmed Effects to fit your Performance
    • Every Bundle includes our rechargeable StompLight® Li Ion Power Banks for "off the grid" or super fast set-up. With a StompLight® Pro and our StompLight® Power Bank you can light a performance anywhere you play, practice or perform in just seconds. 
    • Our systems are expandable - grow or shrink your light show in seconds using mic cables for daisy chaining with StompLight® Pros, Pals and many other DMX products.
    • Padded Carry Bag included in this Bundle
    • StompLight Pros & Pals come with a 1 Year warranty and free phone consultation.


    What Makes the StompLight® Pal Amazing

    • The StompLight®Pal is a rugged 3.4 lb custom engineered steel enclosed road worthy DMX 512 stage light built in the form factor of a floor wedge. The StompLight®Pal is designed for use in multiple locations including the floor, placement on raised surfaces and for easy mounting onto a mic stand. This allows for elevated lighting options, side fill and angled washes. 
    • The StompLight®Pal is a client/slave light and requires a controller such as the StompLight® Pro DMX Lighting Effect Pedal. Connection with one or more Pals using mic cables is simple either split or in a daisy chain. The StompLight® Pal receives a DMX command and will mimic the StompLight Pro stage light pedal or other brand DMX 512 controller .
    • The StompLight®Pal can also serve as an "stand alone" stage light when first " light loaded' . Light loading is simple taking just seconds. 
    • Like the Pro, our Pal works with the variety of DMX 512 lighting products that exist in today's marketplace.
    • The StompLight® Pal can be easily powered using the included StompLight® Power Bank making the Pal extraordinarily easy to set up and position anywhere quickly without hunting for wall power.